What to Expect

Now that you have decided to book your photo session I am sure you are full of questions: the most important being, what to wear. As a starting point I have included a little bit on “what to wear” in the drop down menu.

The first thing is to decide on a session time that will suit you and your family. Try to choose a session when you believe your child/ren will be at his/her/their most comfortable (i.e. not around a meal or nap time).

To get the most out of your session please make sure that your child/ren are not hungry or tired when the session begins. It is important to let your child just be themselves – you don’t need to direct them or ask them to smile or look in a particular direction. Sometimes it is better for you to hang back and let me interact with and get to know your children.

It is very important to remember that children have minds of their own. Most children, especially toddlers, do not take directions to pose a certain way. Almost all of the photos you see on my website were captured candidly. Please do not expect me to recreate a picture you have seen on
my website as each session is unique to each family I capture. The natural moments are the best moments.


Once you fill out your session agreement and pay the session fee your date is secured. As the date gets closer, if required, I will be in contact to arrange a pre-session consultation – this will usually be done by phone. The aim of that consultation is to answer all of your questions.

Typical family portrait sessions usually last 60 minutes. Newborn sessions can last up to 3 hours.

Your proofs will be ready for in-person viewing within four weeks of your session.

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