Newborn Photography Sessions

Stirling_webNewborn photography sessions take place at my home studio and are best done within the first 10 days after birth. Newborn sessions will be booked based on your due date. I will be in contact close to your due date to get some tentative dates for the session. Please have someone contact me once the baby arrives and then we can confirm your booking.

Newborn photography sessions can last 2-3 hours so it is important that you schedule accordingly. You may choose not to be in any of the photos taken at this session, that is definitely your choice but I would certainly encourage you to do so if you wish to.

Having had two children myself I understand how sleep deprived you feel during the first few weeks – especially when you are trying to establish a routine. However, to capture the true essence of a newborn it is best to photograph them within the first 10 days as they sleep soundly and still like to remain curled up as if in the womb.

It is likely that you will need to feed during the session. Please feel free to breast feed or bottle feed (formula or expressed) – this will enable your gorgeous little one to feel safe, loved and content. If you have your heart set on a sleeping baby portrait then feeding during the session will be one of the most important things.

Please note that I will do nothing in terms of posing your little one that you are not happy or comfortable with.

If required, I can come to you to undertake your session. If I am coming to you, please turn off any air-conditioning for the duration of the photo session. In fact, even in summer, you will need to have the heating turned on and up as a number of the photos taken will require your little one to be partly or fully naked. I only need a relatively small space to work in with, if possible, at least one large window to allow natural light. You don’t need to worry if you think your house is too dark – we can make it work.

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